16 June 2008

Olanda vorbeste!

Deci pe scurt, iata ce zice tanarul Jason din Amsterdam, Olanda, intr-un email trimis azi acilea, la posta redactiei:

"You were a bit unlucky against the Italians I thought, Romania was playing nice football, attacking and counter-attacking with some flair at times. Trust me, I REALLY want you to beat the Netherlands tmrw night, and believe it or not most Dutch people do too! I would love to see you advance and the Italians and the French go home with nothing as I despise their football teams. Despite the fact that the Dutch are on fire at the moment, they struggle with your side, they never beat them in the qualifiers and a win or a draw will be enough...! Plus my mate Van Basten will indeed rest alot of the starters I'm thinking..."

Hai baietiiii! :) Iar voi, acolo, in Olanda, nu mai bine ne faceti noua un... aaaa... platouash?

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