16 September 2008

Scaune goale

In fascinatia lui pentru scaune goale, pentru acele scaune parasite care pastreaza inca urmele unei amorteli placute, sau ale inspiratiei, acele scaune pe care raman intotdeauna in asteptare, ca niste animale credincioase, obiectele dragi si de nelepadat, van Gogh ii scria fratelui sau, Theo:

"Empty chairs - there are a great many of them, more will be added to their number, and sooner or later there will be nothing left ... but empty chairs"

O fraza si pentru acele scaune la care nu se mai intoarce nimeni, niciodata.


Vintage lover said...

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Ortho said...

I don't like this post. I don't like how it ties the empty chairs to the humans that may have sat in them. I don't like that the empty chairs become meaningful because of the perspiration or aroma of the human who may have sat in them. I don't like the adjective empty. Instead I celebrate "chairs" for being there. Not because they are empty but because they are there.

Ramona said...

Hi, Ortho,
I share van Gogh's perspective. When I look at a car, I try to imagine the driver, their ambitions and whatever ideas made them hang around the objects that are hung in the car. When I get a book from someone, I always imagine their fingertips on the white pages. When I enter a hotel room, I always think of the hundreds that have slept there ahead of me.
I also connect objects with the people who've used 'em. But some appreciate objects for their own beauty, as standalone icons, as Warhol did, for example. I guess that's also fascinating. :)